Why invest in us?

We are a bootstrapped seven-member interdisciplinary team from RWTH Aachen University which has invented the RefresherBoxx - a washing machine that works without any water or chemicals. We just use a combination of physical methods!

The RefresherBoxx disinfects, dries and refreshes shoes, sports equipment and textiles of all kinds without the use of chemicals and water. It has both an antibacterial and antimycotic effect and can, for example, prevent and stop nail fungus and the transmission of pathogens such as fungi or bacteria.

None of the technologies used are revolutionary on their own, but combined in use they open up a previously unattainable cleaning method and cleaning results. Thus, it can offer a solution to the problems that still exist today in conventional washing machine cleaning with ease and with environmentally friendly cleaning processes, such as suits, dresses, embroidered or printed textiles, garments made of leather, velvet, silk, cashmere or sports equipment. Where the washing machine reaches its limits, the RefresherBoxx convinces with its unique combination of physical technologies and techniques. In addition, textiles that are washed in the washing machine can also be cleaned in the RefresherBoxx.

"The future of 'Intelligent Living' lies not only in developing outstanding products, but in making them an inspiring experience for the user, and digitalization makes an indispensable contribution to this" (Miele Managing Director Axel Kniehl).

Through our research and development we offer an innovative product for the user, who not only gets an outstanding product, but also offers an additional experience and pleasure. The RefresherBoxx has been developed as a lifestyle product for the integration into Smart Home or Intelligent Living. Not only was attention paid to effectiveness, but we also focused on user-friendliness and on the design for placement in the living area.

There is currently a clear trend of environmental awareness in society. Everyone does not want to give up their personal luxury or standard of living, but wants to act more ecologically. Nature should be less polluted and less waste should be produced, which we can offer to our customers with our innovative RefresherBoxx; hygiene and even environmentally friendly and resource-saving.

What are we looking for?


The investment will be used for:

  • CE certification
  • further extension of protection of granted patents
  • further production/sales of our RefresherBoxx.
  • tech interested and innovative investor as sparring partner

Please send us a short message so that we can reach out for you with more documents and Investmentpitchdeck.

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