RefresherBoxx Professional

for hotels, work, sport events (Olympia or competitions), Sport clubs, gyms

RefresherBoxx Professional
RefresherBoxx Professional
Exemplary calculation for a possible revenue with a RefresherBoxx Professional in a Pay-Per-Use Case

What does it do and for whom does it fit?

Our RefresherBoxx Professional Version offers our RFID interface which enables customers to pay via credit card, phone or even hotel key cards. And the best part of this RefresherBoxx Professional version is that it can also iron your shirt and remove wrinkles from your suits!

It is perfect for hotels because working with washing departments takes time, a lot of organisation and comes with high costs. With our RefresherBoxx you will be able generating new revenue and offering totaly new services:

  • refreshing the textile
  • in 30minutes
  • at really low costs!

We use NO water, NO chemicals. It requires only 0.4kwh for disinfecting. It takes only 30 minutes. It is available in different colors and sizes. As an additional option our RefresherBoxx offers fragrance capsules, so that you can decide how your clothes should smell after it comes out.

The RefresherBoxx is offered at an annual lease for a monthly price of 150€ till 600€ per month, which includes service and maintenance.

For more information please send uns an e-mail with your request:

We will answer within 24 hours


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