Use Cases of RefresherBoxx

Hospital, Doctors Office

Nursing Home


In the medical field, protection is especially important to avoid spreading infection. Coats, gloves, shoes as well as head covers, and masks are typically one-use items. In a crisis, the supply of these items becomes a bottleneck, as we see in Germany and the US right now. The RefresherBoxx enables institutions to easily sterilize existing protective clothing in very short time and helps all medical staff and the patients they are in contact with. This means that the Refresherboxx helps to push the limit of existing resources and and to help us all.

In nursing homes for the elderly, it is not only the seniors who need to be protected, but also the nursing staff. With the RefresherBoxx respiratory masks, pillows, bed covers, rental objects such as rollators or walking aids can be disinfected. Important here are to prevent the flu viruses or smear infections, such as Novoviruses.

Exercises with utensils are essential in rehabilitative training to regain coordination, muscle strength and endurance and mobility. The instruments used for these exercises are loaned to several patients every day. In risk groups, the use of RefresherBoxx can reduce and prevent the transmission of infections.


Fire Fighters

Every day firefighters risk their lives for us! Their cost-intensive protective clothing can be freed from sweat and fire odours by means of the RefresherBoxx, a gentle processing method.

1st Responder

The equipment of every policeman consists of numerous pieces of protective clothing that cannot be washed, such as helmets, bulletproof vests, work shoes, arm and leg protection. Likewise, the breathing mask should be regularly sterilized.

Paramedics are at the scene of an accident as quick as lightning to save lives. With the high frequency of human contact, it is important to protect the paramedics as well as the patients and people at the current and subsequent accident sites from the transmission of infections!


With our RefresherBoxx, hotel owners can offer completely new services overnight, generate new revenues and everything super fast at low prices. Refresh your textiles in 30 minutes at really low costs!

High-Contact Professional / Travel

In times when we constantly travel the world, we need to protect the people that guide us as well as the travelers. Highly frequented areas such as airports, trainstations, and local public transport are hotspots for the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Being able to offer a quick turnaround not only for uniforms, but also for shoes and other gear of the service personnel protects us all. The items are not only cleaned but also disinfected, making these hubspots a safer place!

Professional (Lawyer, Co-Workingspace, Open-Plan Office)

Companies and coworking spaces can purchase RefresherBoxx as a service for their employees and users. We rely on staff in grocery stores and pharmacies that continuously deals with a large, heterogeneous group of customers. Many professionals are working out of offices and can not always avoid contact on their way to work. Help them to help us


At large sporting events, RefresherBoxx can be used for the athletes in the changing rooms to freshen up their sportswear, protectors and shoes AND for the spectators who want to freshen up their clothing or breathing masks aseptically

Sport Clubs

New services can be offered to guests in golf clubs or other clubs.


After a proper sports session in the gym, shoes and sportswear can be refreshed aseptically and fragrantly during a wellness stay or after-workout drink.



VR Headset

In the theater and film industry, the props and very valuable costumes are unique pieces that usually cannot be cleaned in the washing machine. With the RefresherBoxx these can be cleaned within 30 minutes.

Electrical devices and smart textiles can be reprocessed with the RefresherBoxx.


Bowling Center

Ski Halls

Sneakers are not just shoes. Sneakers is a style! Sneakers require special gentle processing methods to keep their lifespan as long as possible. With RefresherBoxx, sneakers can be reprocessed gently and thoroughly.

In bowling centers and ski halls, rental shoes and equipment with RefresherBoxx can be disinfected, dried and decontaminated within 30 minutes.

Dry Cleaning


Self-Service Launderette

The RefresherBoxx is another environmentally friendly method and a valuable addition to the portfolio of cleaning services. RefresherBoxx also opens up a completely new source of income in laundries, especially for sensitive fabrics, suits and shoes. Furthermore, it can be used as a mobile solution at travel destinations.




In educational institutions, direct human contact is unavoidable. Therefore, disinfection and infection reduction is all the more important. With the RefresherBoxx, respiratory masks and clothing can be freed from infectious germs.

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