Our Vision with RefresherBoxx

Our vision is on the one hand to stop the waste of resources and offer a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution for textile treatment and on the other hand to improve the health and quality of life of you while comfortable and easy use of RefresherBoxx.

Goal 3: The RefresherBoxx disinfects and kills all microorganisms, so that a risk of infection can be avoided. 

Goal 6: By doing without water, we guarantee a reduced consumption of fresh water, which means that more fresh water is available to the population and a water shortage can be counteracted.
Goal 11: The RefresherBoxx contributes to sustainability in the cities, as less resources are wasted.
Goal 12: The gentle washing process increases the lifespan of the textiles.
Goal 13/14: We avoid microplastics in water and in the oceans by cleaning without water.
Goal 15: By doing without detergents and chemicals, the land ecosystem is not polluted and can recover.

With the help of RefresherBoxx we can stop the waterwastage, save the costs of transporting the dirty water, watercleaning (chemical and biological),  manufacturing cost of detergent, the storage costs of detergent, dirty and cleaned water. Last but not least during each washing process the textile are strongly worn down. In the process, polymer fibres are broken off the textile, which then end up in our waters and oceans as microplastics

"it is not enough just to be less bad, we have to be eco-neutral"

Professor Michael Braungart once said "it doesn't help to say: protect your child, hit him only 3 times instead of 5 times. This is a very strange sustainability and environmental thinking. We must protect our environment and not be less bad to it." That is why we offer a completely new approach to textile processing with our RefresherBoxx!

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