The future of hygiene and washing

Experience a revolutionary method of removing viruses, bacteria, fungi and bad odors from textiles.


Generate revenue with each application. In a month you can earn about 12,000 euros.


No water or chemicals are added throughout the Refresher cycle, saving up to 750 CO2 with one application.


Within 30 minutes, the RefresherBoxx
disinfection cycle is completed. All textiles can be used immediately.


Due to the gentle treatment, microfibers do not come loose, so that the life of the textiles is preserved.

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The RefresherBoxx eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi. As a refreshing and hygienic device, it helps various areas, such as hotels, hospitals, companies and even in private areas to be cleaner.

It guarantees a much safer environment, especially for the at-risk groups in our society, or our vital logistics.

The RefresherBoxx has been tested in various situations and with a variety of pathogens and is effective against Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)!

Convinced partners

Several great companies are convinced of the RefresherBoxx.

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